Shari Arai DeBoer

About Our Cover Artist: Shari Arai DeBoer


El Sobrante–based painter, printmaker, and book artist Shari Arai DeBoer is fascinated by the beauty found in the natural world and in the minutiae of everyday life. As she delves into her subject matter, Shari finds narrative in the way things interrelate and change through time. This often leads her into a process of visual storytelling. On this and two past-issue covers, Shari tells quiet but powerful stories about how our food is grown, cooked, and enjoyed.

Beginning her career as an architect, Shari eventually transitioned to art, taking a special interest in watercolor, a medium in which she offers private instruction. She also devotes much of her time to a variety of nonprofit art projects.

four-seasonsShari’s paintings and etchings have been included in the Alameda County Art Collection and the Library of Congress Fine Print Collection. She was part of a group of artists that produced the Science Tarot, a unique deck of tarot cards illustrating scientific concepts.

Four Seasons – Easel Box IV is one of Shari’s collaborations with her husband, architect and furniture designer Darrel DeBoer. In search of ways to utilize woodworking project leftovers too beautiful to dispose of, Darrel started making decorative boxes. These boxes evolved into easel boxes, custom made to display and house a series of Shari’s small watercolors.