Kitchen Wisdom from
Chef Paul Canales


Five chefs describe powerful lessons learned from the owner of Duende.
Read more.

Fideuà with Liberty Duck, Lacinato Kale, and Dried Figs


In this dish, Chef Canales highlights local duck and seasonal produce.
Visit The Spanish Table in Berkeley for equipment and ingredients. 

Fruit-Filled Sunday Workshops


Learn which fruit trees will thrive in your garden, Jan 8 in Oakland. Read more

 Scion Swapping

Take part in the California Rare Fruit Growers annual exchange,Jan 21 in Berkeley. Read more.

Meet the Sea Forager 


Come hear Kirk Lombard’s tales of
sea foraging, Jan 7 in Berkeley. 
Read our book review.

 Get Smarter About Soil


Learn about the Soil Food Web from
Dr. Elaine Ingham, Jan 23–27 in
Castro Valley. Read more.

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