Olivia Vigo


hives-on-the-roofPhotographer Olivia Vigo grew up in Orinda, California, and is now a student at Parsons School of Design in New York City. She was 17 when she did the shots of her father tending bees on the rooftop at Alameda Marketplace and inadvertently created what became the cover art for Edible East Bay’s Spring 2016 issue. At the time of that shoot, she was finishing up high school in independent study program.

Olivia writes, “I went to high school in Orinda for three years, but after I started working and experiencing my true interests, I realized I didn’t want to attend a six-hour mandatory classroom every day. I felt like I could do better with my time, so for my senior year I transferred to an independent study program through my school district. I went to class twice a week and was able to work and adventure on my free days.”

While Olivia was working for a clothing company that year, she was introduced to the editors of Galore, a modern women’s magazine. “They asked me to write and take photos. I started to take festival-style photography but would end up shooting the artists on stage. From that I was asked by various artists’ PR managers to take photos of concerts (this was my first freelance work), and that’s where I am today.”

Another of her early breaks came via a well-known San Francisco–based food blogger: “Ayesha Curry had me create content for her and let me borrow her camera. But not until the past summer [2015] did I buy my first DSLR. Now I try to shoot nearly every day, or at least a few times per week.”

See more of Olivia’s work at oliviavigo.com and follow her on Instagram @oliviavigo.

Photo by Juliann Lam

Photo by Juliann Lam