Joshua Burman Thayer

joshua_thayerJoshua has always had his hands in the earth, having worked with plants and food with communities all over the Americas. Starting as a farm intern through the Willing Workers on Organic Farms (W.W.O.O.F.) program, which places volunteers on organic farms throughout Latin America, he has also worked as a laborer on organic community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms in Northern California and grown to oversee community gardens and rooftop gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an apprentice in ecological landscape design and as a native plant field researcher, Joshua has received a diverse horticultural and taxonomical knowledge hands-on in the field. As a lead designer, his approach unites ecology with aesthetics, creating beautiful, productive natural systems that work with nature to foster bounty for both a healthy ecosystem as well as producing organic food on a community scale. Joshua offers ecological landscape design and consulting to residential and community groups.

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