Contents: SUMMER 2012

Editor’s Mixing Bowl

Notable Edibles

The Fifth Quarter

Buttercup Farms CSA

Death of the Pop-Up

The Inspired Vegan: An interview with Bryant Terry on publication of his new cookbook

Incantations of a Spice Mistress: A review of Ruta Kahate’s Quick-Fix Indian

Secret Recipes: Things kids know that we don’t

What’s at the Market?

Seven Stars of Summer: Favorite foods and recipes from Jessica Prentice

Farm to Shaker: Cocktails get a makeover

GMO Labeling: On our right to know what’s in our food

What’s Cooking with Sustainable Seafood?

Welcome to Wine Country: It’s right here in the city

The Last Bite: Too many radishes?


About our cover artist:

Soon after arriving in Berkeley in 2005 to enter the Studio Arts master’s program at John F. Kennedy University, Otto Thorsen found himself washing dishes at Three Stone Hearth (TSH), and that’s when the fun began. At TSH he discovered an amazingly welcoming community and employment as the “Kombucha Brewmeister,” a position he still holds today.

Otto’s love of nature has always made him feel at odds with the destructive tendencies of modern civilization and even the toxic nature of art making. At TSH, Otto found a company that affords him the opportunity to contribute to a progressive and meaningful business that is committed to striking a chord between ancient wisdom and progressive business practices.

When not brewing kombucha, Otto loves to explore the streets of the East Bay, play music with friends, make art, and cook delicious food. Visit Otto on Facebook, or watch him in action at

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