Letter to the Editor

Re: It Takes a Grandmother, an article in the Summer 2013 issue of Edible East Bay

June 9, 2013

Dear Ms. Koehler,

Thank you for your magazine, it is truly a great gift to the community at large. However, I must say that the referenced article was disturbing.  While I found some of Mr. Keval’s basic premises, that we need to act more like a community, making sure those who have difficulty getting fresh food are assisted, and that community preparation and eating can go along way to develop benefits for all, his politics and white bashing are shameful.

He does not endear me, a white person from a poor family, to support his cause. Almost every business in every industry takes advantage of those they employ, some more some less. It’s not right, but it is reality. And it’s not just black and brown people who suffer abuse.

Greed is the enemy and people need to take responsibility for their choices in life and their consequences.  I know plenty of people of all races who can afford to have fresh food but choose otherwise. Instead they focus on fast and cheap.  People in America have moved away from the family model where someone cooked with fresh(er) ingredients and ate together. Now the focus is money and greed and the food industry is a reflection of our sad values.

Unfortunately, Mr. Keval misses the larger picture due to his extreme white bashing, anti-government views. People and businesses need to act responsibly. That is the issue.


Anthony Marzo