Foreign Shores


Reviews by Kristina Sepetys


If you’re traveling abroad this summer—or if you’re not but would like to imagine you are—here are some cookbooks to guide you!


My Paris KitchenMy Paris Kitchen
by David Lebovitz
(Ten Speed Press, 2014)

A collection of stories and 100 sweet and savory French-inspired recipes from popular food blogger David Lebovitz with lovely photographs taken in the author’s Parisian kitchen and around the city. Find many updated traditional French dishes. As with most of Lebovitz’ books, desserts are standouts: Warm Chocolate Cake with Salted Butter Caramel Sauce, Duck Fat Cookies, Bay Leaf Poundcake with Orange Glaze, and French Cheesecake.


My Irish TableMy Irish Table
by Cathal Armstrong and David Hagedorn
Ten Speed Press, 2014)

Armstrong and Hagedorn present 130 recipes showcasing modern Irish fare, along with stories about Armstrong’s journey from Dublin to Washington, D.C., and his transformation into an internationally recognized four-star chef, the owner of seven successful food and drink establishments, and a leader in the sustainable-food movement. Tempt yourself with Kerrygold Butter-Poached Lobster with Parsnips, Irish Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, or Mam’s Apple Pie.


Rose Petal JamRose Petal Jam
by Beata Zatorska
(Tabula Books, 2011)

Part memoir and part travelogue, this captivating cookbook presents the story of Beata Zatorska’s childhood in rural Poland, mixing stories of her youth and her grandmother’s handwritten recipes with stunning photos of Poland in summer. Included are more than 60 recipes for traditional Polish home-cooked meals, from poppyseed cake and pierogi to fruit-flavored summer liqueurs.