August 24, 2014

Garden Fundraiser at Cleveland Elementary

Help transform the hillside at Oakland’s Cleveland Elementary School into a terraced garden and learning lab. The finished project will include an incredible edible garden, a sensory flower/herb garden, and a wildlife area where students can create habitats with native plants and observe creatures in their natural environment. Donations will cover the cost of redwood lumber, a drip irrigation system, soil, new plants, and related curriculum materials. Cleveland is a public elementary school in Oakland serving racially and economically diverse students, 60{94d79dd6af1e87a94e700e4c297236468333f22e27ed5757b44711974a9a4b91} of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Since 2008, Annie’s has donated funds to over 270 schools. They’ve also created the Annie’s Garden Funder™  on CrowdRise to empower schools and like-minded friends to raise money for school gardens. You can donate to the Cleveland Elementary project: here