Illustration by Jack Pertschuk

Illustration by Jack Pertschuk

AmazonFresh: Same-day online ordering and delivery of fresh grocery and everyday essentials.

Blue Apron: Brooklyn-based digital platform for dinner kit delivery with national reach.


Cover: App that allows diners to pay at restaurants without waiting for the check.

DoorDash: Restaurant delivery service similar to Caviar, for the South Bay, online or app.

EatStreet: Restaurant and takeout delivery service via online or mobile.


Feeding Forward: Tech platform designed to redistribute food, reduce waste, and feed the hungry. Previously profiled here.

Good Eggs: San Francisco–based grocery delivery service with emphasis on local and organic fare. Serving the Bay Area, rolling out around country.

GoogleShopping Express: National online same-day grocery delivery.

GrubHub Seamless: Major player in national online and mobile app restaurant food delivery. The two formerly separate entities merged in 2013.

HelloFresh: New York–based meal kit service.

HomeGrocer: One of first online supermarket businesses back in digital Dark Ages (1997). Merged with WebVan in 2000. RIP.

Instacart: National online grocery supplier promises delivery in one hour from multiple stores.

Kozmo: New York–based, VC-fueled one-hour delivery service for food and other goods. Founded in 1998, bankrupt by 2001.

Munchery: San Francisco–based meal delivery service with emphasis on wholesome food.

Naturebox: Monthly snack subscription service with home delivery.

Orderlunch: Mid-day meal service for corporate and business catering, national.

Peapod: Online grocery delivery service based in Illinois, serving several cities.

Plated: A dinner box service that boasts a home-cooked meal in under 30 minutes.

Platejoy: Another meal menu kit service.

Postmates: On-demand restaurant and store delivery in San Francisco (company HQ) and 16 other cities.

Quinciple: New York–based farm-fresh produce delivery box with recipes.

RelayFoods: Local, organic and everyday foods via home delivery.

Sprig: San Francisco–based complete meal deliver service.

Tomato Sherpa:

Webvan: Foster City–based online supermarket service launched in 1999, went belly up in 2001. Founder Louis Borders, who also co-founded Borders Books, is at work on a new online food platform.

Yelp: Crowd-sourced restaurant reviews courtesy of this San Francisco–headquartered service with global reach.

Zesty: Restaurant delivery platform servicing San Francisco.