If you’ve been intrigued by home fermenting and want to try a small batch, Ferment’n, the Home Fermentation Kit, is an easy way to go. Created by Berkeley ceramicist Mikael Kirkman, Ferment’n is a two-part system using a dishwasher-safe ceramic weight and screw-on recyclable plastic airlock. With any wide-mouth jar, your favorite vegetables, and a little sea salt, you’ll be pickling in no time. Kirkman is committed to giving more to the community than just the tools to make delicious ferments. Through his Young Ceramicist Residency, he selects a young artist, 18–26, who for three months (June–August) has full access to all the tools in his studio and the opportunity to learn to make his home fermentation kits. A Home Fermentation Kit, with a weight and airlock ($18), the Ceramic Fermentation Weight ($12), and a Ceramic Funnel ($20) can all be purchased online at fermentn.com, where you’ll also find recipes and details about Kirkman’s Young Ceramicist Residency.

Kristina Sepetys