Nottingham Cellars


Nottingham Cellars
2245-C South Vasco Rd., Livermore
Phone: 925-294-8647
The NC Collection

Celebratory bubbly selection: 1846 by Nottingham Cellars Sparkling

Pre-feast quaff: 1846 by Nottingham Cellars 2014 Chardonnay—Crisp and refreshing

Wine for a typical turkey dinner: Vasco Urbano Wine Company 2013 “Norm” Grenache—Above the Norm for sure!

Wine for a holiday fish feast: Nottingham Cellars 2014 Fraser-Howard Chardonnay—Just the right amount of oak to compliment any holiday fish feast.

Wine for a plant-centric feast: Nottingham Cellars 2013 Malbec—smooth and balanced with lush fruit and aromatics that compliment hearty vegetable dishes.

Wine to go with a spicy dessert: Vasco Urbano Wine Company 2013 “The Sheriff” GSM—a Rhone blend that is the perfect food wine. “The Sheriff” can take on anything spicy!

Wild card: Nottingham Cellars 2012 Supremacy—our flagship Bordeaux blend because you deserve the best.