Illustrations by Lila Volkas

Illustrations by Lila Volkas

As you peruse our new issue, don’t miss Jillian Steinberger’s multifaceted guide to picking the CSA program that’s right for you, with consideration to your values, your way of eating, and where you live. Find the article here.

As the magazine was going to press, we learned about a beautiful new book that would be a great companion to your CSA participation. Called Bounty from the Box, it’s by Mi Ae Lipe, a graphic designer and illustrator who grew up in the Bay Area, then lived in Minnesota, where she got involved with a farm’s CSA program and created a cookbook to help fellow CSA subscribers get the most out of their veggie box. Now living in Seattle, Lipe has expanded the scope of the book so it better represents the CSA experience nationwide. A tome of over 700 pages, it includes profiles of four CSA farms, each in a different part of the country. Seasonal chapters highlight the stars of each season’s produce with historical background; variety and nutritional info; selection, storage, and preparation tips; serving suggestions; and featured recipes. (The recipes address the full breadth of dietary choices.) Peppered liberally throughout the book are an array of charts, stories, farm journal excerpts, quotations, and informative articles on agriculture, cooking, shopping, food policy, resources, etc. So while you’re waiting for that blanching pot to boil, you can entertain yourself amply with all things farm, food, and cooking.

Bounty from the Box
The CSA Farm Cookbook

By Mi Ae Lipe
Twisted Carrot Publishing LLC (October 13, 2015)