El Torito Tapa!

El-ToritoIt’s true, you’ve always harbored a secret desire to participate in the encierro (running of the bulls) at the fiestas of San Fermin, which are held the second week of July each year in Pamplona, Spain. Perhaps easier to work into your busy schedule this week would be a quick trip to Walnut Creek, where purveyor Telefèric Barcelona celebrates with El Torito,  a special bull-shaped tapa made with puffy pastry, chorizo, manchego, and honey. Between July 7 and 14, servers in traditional white with a red scarf serve also serve Kalimoxto, a favorite cocktail on the streets of Pamplona. With a sister restaurant in Barcelona, the Walnut Creek eatery offers traditional Spanish paella as well as tapas and pintxos, bite-sized foods often served on a skewer. Info and reservations: here

Los San Fermines Celebration
Thursday through Thursday, July 7–14
Telefèric Barcelona
1500 Mt Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek