Chicks and Love also offer hugs

Meet Kellie Joe and Vanda Chong of Chicks and Love. For years, they have been popping up at Orinda, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek farmers’ markets with their organic made-to-order flatbreads, which often feature their hens’ sunny-side-up eggs on top. Avid hobby farmers, these chefs also keep bees and use some of the honey in their handmade dough.

The Chicks have acquired many fans, as we learned when stopping by their Walnut Creek Farmers’ Market stand. “It was actually hard to interview them because so many people were coming by to say hi and get a hug,” says Edible East Bay intern Melissa Morrison.

Scurrying around were the duo’s happy, busy employees, most of whom are former students from Kellie’s culinary arts classes at Monte Vista High in Danville.

Vanda’s main employment is with the worker-run Rainbow Grocery Cooperative on Folsom Street in San Francisco, where she and Kellie created a sort of brick-and-mortar café a few months ago. Their Chicks and Love Pizza Patio is basically a 104-square-foot trailer/kitchen with a patio space and picnic tables for the “front of house.” Guests gobble up gluten-free and vegan flatbreads and pizzas with choices that also include meat toppings or fancy truffle oil concoctions. The Chicks’ signature breakfast pizza with Aidells chicken apple sausage is topped with a farm-fresh egg, of course.

Courtesy of Chicks and Love

Courtesy of Chicks and Love