Courtesy of Modern Twist

It’s a beautiful fall day—perfect for a hike. I’m trying to stuff a bulky tiffin full of snacks into my mini backpack and secretly wishing I still had one little plastic sandwich bag: the kind I banned from my kitchen a couple years ago in an effort to swear off plastics.

Kat Nouri felt the same way, but she really walks the talk. “It is time for those of us who are producing to be mindful,” says this pioneering Emeryville woman, who launched her company, Modern-twist, 11 years ago. Her newest and most useful product is the Stasher, a food-grade silicone sandwich bag that’s thoroughly washable and durable, BPA- and BPS-free, non-porous, sealable, heat-able, economical, and even attractive. It looks and feels like translucent rubber, and some models come with nifty designs silkscreened onto them.


Kat Nouri with a Stasher full of snacks.

“Most plastic bags are made with petroleum,” says Nouri. “It is time to dig deeper. Plastic never goes away. We are encouraging people to rethink plastic by providing a modern innovative solution.”

When asked if the Stashers are recyclable, Nouri explained that the idea is that they will never have to be retired from use. “If any of the bags were returned, we do have a great recycling program. The company we partner with recycles/re-purposes the bags into rubber mulch, to help make playgrounds safe for children.”