Quick and Easy Cooking

Book review by Kristina Sepetys

I love to cook. And I especially love to cook with fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits from my local market. But when I get home late on a weekday evening, tired and hungry, facing an equally tired and hungry (and can we say cranky?) family, it can be hard to marshal the energy to put together an elaborate meal. Nothing’s more welcome than a simple recipe that works with a handful of ingredients and can be prepared and cooked up quickly.


Market Math: 50 Ingredients x 4 Recipes = 200 Simple, Creative Dishes
by the Editors of Food and Wine
(Oxmoor House, 2016)

Based on Food & Wine magazine’s popular monthly column, Market Math, this book starts with 50 basic ingredients (fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats) and for each ingredient, presents 4 to 6 simple recipes for a total of 200 fast, fresh, and very tasty mains, sides, and desserts. Some recipes come from chefs like Alice Waters, Jacques Pepin, Mario Batali, Marcus Samuelsson, and Bobby Flay. Ingredient lists include no more than a half dozen items found in most pantries and just a couple of steps to prepare dishes like Sesame-Ginger Chicken Meatballs, Coconut Curried Beef Noodles, Quinoa-Pork Meatballs, Brussels Sprout Fritatta, Salmon Sandwiches with Bacon and Apple-Horseradish Mayo, or Tomato Salad with Horseradish Ranch Dressing. Main dishes include beer or wine pairing suggestions.