Waste Not, Want Not!

Book review by Kristina Sepetys

Eat it Up! 150 Recipes to Use Every Bit
and Enjoy Every Bite of the Food You Buy

by Sherri Brooks Vinton
(De Capo, 2016)

Sherri Brooks Vinton is well known for Put ‘Em Up, which walks readers through the canning process and teaches us to be confident food preservationists. In her latest book, Vinton explores another path to help cooks use ingredients more efficiently and cost effectively, to save time by getting more meals from the food they have, and to reduce food waste: Don’t toss those leftovers or pitch your beet greens! In addition to tips for reducing food waste (like how to organize your refrigerator to reduce food spoilage or how to determine what’s just a little stale versus what should be deposited in the green waste pail), the book includes 150 delicious recipes for using apple peels, parsley stems, the fronds from your carrots, leaves from your cauliflower, bones from Sunday’s roast, the last lick of jam in the jar, and a host of other items.