The “Shehabi” Burrito


From the story: Exploring Culture and Conversion Through Food by Anisa Abeytia

One day we invited a Palestinian family over and I made Moroccan food. They did not know what to make of it. The children of the family told me, somewhat disappointedly, that they thought we would have Mexican food. I laughed since they assumed I was from Mexico. They wanted burritos. So I invited them back and made them “Mexican” food. Later that week I ran into them and they told me with beaming faces that they made burritos for their after-school snack, but they used fava beans. Fava beans are popular in the Middle East and Morocco and I loved their addition. I added a few things myself to this quick and very portable food.

1 can fava beans (available at Halal Market)
½ cup shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses
½ cup salad mix or shredded cabbage
6 sprouted corn or wheat tortillas

Condiments to taste:
Harissa (a Moroccan hot sauce available at Halal Market)
Guacamole with a hint of mint (an idea from Rebecca Katz)
Yogurt instead of sour cream
Merguez (This spicy Moroccan sausage, available at Halal Market, is an excellent substitute for chorizo. )

Serves 4–6