Get Savvy About EVOO 

Learn all about extra-virgin olive oil and sample many varieties at Market Hall’s upcoming festival.

Curious about what makes extra virgin olive oil special? Here’s a great opportunity to learn from the expert olive oil tasters at Market Hall Foods. They’ll discuss what distinguishes different types and how to evaluate quality as they lead you through sampling a variety of oils from California, Italy, and Spain, all made in a state-of-the-art process without adding chemicals or exposing the oil to damaging heat. As you explore the differences in flavor profiles, you’ll taste the oils plain as well as drizzled over ice cream, in baked goods, and with dukkah (an Egyptian mixture of nuts, herbs, and seeds). Bring all your questions and leave with lots of great advice. As a bonus, Market Hall’s cheese counter launches its seasonal fresh mozzarella-making program on the day of the Festival. Savor a taste of handmade mozzarella drizzled with fruity extra-virgin olive oil. No charge except for purchases. Info: here or 510.250.6004

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Festival 
Saturday May 20, 1–3pm
Market Hall Foods
1786 4th St, Berkeley

Photo courtesy of Market Hall Foods.