Thrive Dining Offers Utensil-Free Meals for Seniors

Thrive Dining transforms traditional meals like a Chef’s Salad
into food that can be easily eaten by hand.

Thrive Dining offers a new option for people with cognitive impairments, neuromuscular disorders, or other challenges that make it difficult to use a knife and fork. Meals are served as one-bite and two-bite hors d’oeuvres intended to be eaten by hand. This method empowers people—including those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, or other conditions that can interfere with eating—to enjoy high quality, freshly prepared foods without assistance. Thrive Dining features Watermark Retirement Communities’ chef recipes and welcomes the public to complimentary public lunch tastings and demonstrations. Healthcare professionals, caregivers, and family members of those who are cognitively or physically challenged will be particularly interested in this meal service. Info: here

Complimentary Public Lunch Tastings and Demonstrations

Thursday August 31, 12:30–1:30pm
The Watermark at Rosewood Gardens
35 Fenton St, Livermore
Please RSVP to 925.443.7200

Ongoing by RSVP, Weekday lunches 12:30–1:30pm
Bayside Park
1440 40th St, Emeryville, 510.594.8800

Ongoing by RSVP, Weekday lunches 12:30–1:30pm
Lakeside Park
468 Perkins St, Oakland, 510.444.4684

Photo courtesy of Thrive Dining.