A Calendar that Makes a Difference

East Bay printmaker Rigel Stuhmiller was inspired by the renowned Chino Nojo produce farm in San Diego to create a 2018 wall calendar offering a full year of illustrations of fresh, local produce. But this calendar not only helps you keep track of when produce is in season throughout the year: Purchasing it will help people with lesser means to enjoy the holidays.

“For every calendar I sell anywhere, either at Berkeley Bowl, via my website, or at other stores across the country, I will donate $1 to the Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB). Berkeley Bowl West is going way above and beyond to triple-match my donation, and is giving an extra $3 for calendars sold at their West location, bringing the donation total to $4. Berkeley Bowl has been a huge and longtime supporter of the food bank, my artwork, and the local community, so this is just such a great melding of all these things. I can’t say enough positive things about them,” says Stuhmiller.

Stuhmiller learned last year that as many as one in five people in Alameda County use the food bank’s services. “It was very eye-opening and upsetting to learn how many people in our immediate community need assistance, and also how much of an impact we the community can have in the life of someone who needs it.”

The artist adds, “In many other issues I can feel my voice is lost in the noise, or wonder if my participation will truly make a difference. But because of the excellent way the ACCFB organizes their charity and runs their daily operations, they really are efficient in translating volunteer time and monetary donations into results that have a big and immediate local impact. With just under 50 cents of donations, they can give a neighbor a nutritious meal.”

Stuhmiller met with the food bank earlier this year and took a tour of the facilities to see first-hand what her donation might do. “I was so blown away by the dedication, organization, and positive impact that they give the community,” she says.

Look for the calendar at at Berkeley Bowl West in the front of the store near the racks of greeting cards. (NOTE: The calendar is at the West location only.)

Those who can’t make it to Berkeley Bowl West can find the calendar online: here