Sweeten Your New Year with Backyard Bees

Jennifer Radtke leads a class in backyard beekeeping for those yearning for a hive of their own.

Buzz into 2018 with a new adventure: Become a beekeeper! Learn the basics of having a Langstroth backyard beehive, and enjoy the rewards of delicious honey and increased pollination in your garden. Expert beekeeper Jennifer Radtke teaches all you’ll need to know about acquiring bees and equipment, where to place the hive, how to extract honey, and how to keep your hive happy. Cost $40. Info and registration: here

Read these beekeeping tips from Jennifer Radtke in our current issue.

Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping
Sunday January 21, 10am–1pm
Sticky Art Lab
1682 University Ave, Berkeley

Photos: Jennifer Radtke