Swap Scions and Gardening Tips

Share your scions, gather new ones, and learn about grafting
at the Annual Scion Exchange in Berkeley.

Scion: A detached living portion of a plant—such as a bud or shoot—that can be grafted onto rootstock to create a new plant that joins the strength of the rootstock with the desired characteristics of the scion. Gardeners interested in having heirloom varieties of fruit growing in their yard do this sort of grafting. 

At the Annual Scion Exchange, held by the Golden Gate Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers Association, gardeners bring and take home scions from heirloom varieties of fruit grown in Northern California. Rootstocks may also be available to purchase (subject to weather). Introductory lessons in grafting are included with admission, and custom grafting services may be offered as well. The event includes a silent auction, a drawing for plants (every $3 ticket wins), sales of rare fruits and berries, parafilm and bulk citrus sales, and more. If possible, bring seeds or a cutting from your garden to give away. Beginners welcome. Admission: $5. Info: here

Saturday January 20, noon–3pm
California Rare Fruit Growers, Golden Gate Chapter, Annual Scion Exchange
Ed Roberts Campus (next to Ashby BART)
3075 Adeline St, Berkeley

Photos by Carole Topalian