What’s for Dessert? 

Chef Kellie Joe from Chicks and Love Pizza Catering is whipping up a seasonal dessert on June 10 at the Walnut Creek Contra Costa Certified Farmers’ Market. Come watch her prepare a delicious surprise you won’t want to miss. Seating is limited. Info: here

For eight years, Kellie Joe and Vanda Chong, known as the Chicks of Chicks and Love LLC, served organic and gluten-free flatbread pizzas at the Contra Costa Certified Farmers Markets in Walnut Creek. As beekeepers, they like to use their bees’ honey in their pizza dough, and their signature pizza, called the Farm Fresh, could always be topped with an egg from their chickens. In 2016 they opened up their first brick and mortar location, Chicks and Love Pizza Patio, in the Mission district of San Francisco. Business was booming, and they had quite a following with stellar Yelp reviews, yet come to find out, both of their locations have recently closed. Some people are wondering, “What happened to the Chicks?”

Life happened. Vanda became a hospice nurse, and she is very happy and busy doing that important work. After 30 years in the restaurant business, Kellie wanted a break from the physical demands and daily stress of that work. She says, “I’m not a spring chicken!” However, Kellie lost no time starting work on the plan for their next business venture: Queen of Crusts will be a way to sell their organic and gluten-free pizza crusts in grocery stores, online, and for food service. The prepared flatbread pizza crusts make it convenient to have quick and easy, restaurant quality, thin crust, delicious pizza within 3 to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, Chicks and Love still caters private parties, often bringing their portable pizza ovens. Info: here or Facebook

Dessert Demo with Chef Kellie Joe
Sunday June 10, 11am (market hours 9am–1pm)
Walnut Creek Farmers’ Market
Round @ Cole/Locust