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Barbara Kobsar’s Walnut & Beet Dip

MariLark Farms’ Tomato Risotto

MK Gold Bakery Buckwheat Madeleines

MK Gold Bakery Berry Tart

MK Gold Bakery Rye Ginger Cake

MK Gold Bakery Hazelnut Crisps

MK Gold Bakery Quince Candy

Easiest Chicken Curry Ever


Events at Ardenwood Historic Farm
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Guide to Good Eats
Ongoing Edible Events
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Farmers’ Market Guide
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Editor’s Mixing Bowl

What’s in Season?

Low-ABV Cocktails at Oakland Cocktail Week

Feed Your Soil With Compost

Food Shift’s Catering Biz

A Review of Wine and Place: A Terroir Reader

Hungry For Change

Bernal Cutlery and Clove & Hoof: A Sharp Couple

Avocado Adventure at Chetwyn Farm

Autumn in the Kitazawa Test Garden

Hooked on Cult Crackers

Almanac Beer Co. Puts Its Best Fruit Forward

Sharing the Bounty at MariLark Farms

Marykate McGoldrick’s Baking Odyssey

Margo’s Map of East Bay Food Justice Organizations

Berkeley's First Little Herb & Spice Shop

About Our Cover Artist Bhavna Misra

Fremont-based fine artist and certified art educator Bhavna Misra paints primarily in oil and occasionally uses acrylic, watercolors, and pastels. The oil painting on our cover is titled “Staying Away from Sugar.” Done on an 8-inch square canvas, it's part of Food as Art, the artist’s ongoing still-life series in which she highlights fruits and vegetables. Through her food-themed art, Bhavna hopes to create meaningful work and raise awareness about healthy food choices.

Portraits and the natural world are Bhavna’s other favorite subjects to paint. She finds that surrounding herself with nature, beauty, and positivity helps her create harmonious, colorful compositions. Through her paintings, she attempts to present color in its pure brilliance, maintaining a careful balance of accuracy and expressionism.

You can find Bhavna Misra online at and contact her at bhavna.misra(at) or 510.862.4169. She is professionally affiliated with the Fremont Art Association.