Mad Science Mocktails & Miraculous Miracleberries

Learn to make farm cheese, and enjoy eating it too, at Counter Culture Labs.
Photo: CC BY 2.0 by Dine & Dish for Shari’s Berries.


Join the mad scientists at Counter Culture Labs in Oakland and learn to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, farm cheese, Fight Club soap, mad science mocktails, and more. Come for a full day of Valentine’s workshops or choose one or two favorites. Cost: $20 per workshop. See details and signup links below:

Saturday February 16
Counter Culture Labs
4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland

Cheese Making (and Eating!), 11am–noon:
Make a lovely crumbly farm cheese, then scarf it all up on French bread for brunch.

Fight Club Soap and other DIY Cosmetic Recipes, noon–2:30pm:
Make soap from scratch, and mix in some nice fragrances too.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & Other Fun, 2:30–4pm:
Smash some roses, shrivel party balloons, then pig out on instant ice cream.

Love is a Bitter Pill, but We Can Make it Sweeter…with Miracleberries, 4–5:30pm:
Hack your taste buds with a little berry that makes sour foods taste sweet!

Mad Science Mocktails & Cocktails, 5:30pm–7:30pm:
Fluorescence, spherification, dry ice—these cocktails have it all (except alcohol)!


Learn to make fragrant soaps by hand at Counter Culture Labs.   Photo: CC0 by Max Pixel