Community Minded

Be In Community

at East Bay Community Space and The Well


Visit two adjoining spots on Telegraph Avenue, East Bay Community Space and The Well Café, where you can enjoy affordable workshops and events and an impressive selection of teas, drinking chocolates, and gluten-free foods.


Want to take part in a curated tea tasting or an herbal medicine salon? Or maybe you’d like to join an instant band, spend an evening playing board games, or find out what compassion yoga is all about. For these options and plenty more, you’ll want to visit two side-by-side spots in North Oakland: East Bay Community Space (EBCS) and The Well Café.

Since opening in 2017 at 55th Street and Telegraph Avenue, EBCS has offered affordable workshops, cultural events, performances, and spiritual gatherings. EBCS co-owners David Early and Sue Stuart wanted to create a welcoming space that caters to diverse communities. Space rental is available on a sliding scale—the low end is for events without an admission fee like fundraisers, meetings, or even birthday parties. EBCS also offers a co-working space with options for full- or part-day use. Several times each month, space is open to all at no cost for dance, personal yoga practice, hanging out, or sharing a meal. Learn more at


Photo courtesy of The Well


The Well, a separate business with a connecting doorway, is a relaxing spot to sip a cup of Chinese tea, an herbal elixir, or a kava drink. The café’s gluten-free kitchen offers a variety of breakfast bowls, congees, bone broth, and a pay-what-you-can daily karma bowl and drink. Along with monthly tea tastings known as Tea-J Tuesdays, The Well also hosts musical guests, a weekly open mic night, and botanical medicine workshops. Learn more at

—Rachel Trachten