Seaweed Sampler

Taste and learn about locally harvested seaweeds in this three-part class series.
Photo courtesy of Three Stone Hearth.


Join Julie Drucker of Yemaya Seaweeds for a three-class series that includes sampling local seaweed varieties, learning how they’re processed, and understanding why it’s important to support seaweed harvesting. Classes also cover nutritional information, culinary suggestions, and best storage practices. Take an optional one-day field trip to the Sonoma Coast to identify and harvest seaweeds along the shore and learn how some varieties are sustainably cut. Cost: $160 for three classes. Info and registration: here
Class 1: Sample a variety of local sea vegetables and learn about their nutrient contents and how they’re hand-harvested and sun-dried using ancient techniques.

Class 2: Seaweed for the Season: Discuss culinary and herbal techniques for using sea vegetables in soups, teas, and congees.

Class 3: Learn how locally harvested seaweed benefits the ecosystem, ocean health, and the community.
Seaweed Series
Wednesday April 3, 10, & 17, 6–7:30pm
Three Stone Hearth
1581 University Ave, Berkeley

Photo courtesy of Three Stone Hearth.