West Contra Costa High Schoolers: Apply Now for a Plant-to-Plate Internship

High-school students can develop cooking, gardening, and job-readiness skills at Plant to Plate. Photo courtesy of Plant to Plate

Students can now apply for Plant to Plate, a unique internship program for Richmond-area high schoolers. The program starts in October and provides hands-on learning about gardening and cooking, as well as other life skills. Sessions are led by garden educator Kelli Barram and chef Arnon Oren, owner of Anaviv Catering and Events.

Applicants should be high school juniors or seniors (ages 15–18) enrolled in one of the West Contra Costa district schools. Attendance is required twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30–6:30pm from October 2019 through April 2020. Applicants must also commit to 12 hours of hands-on work-for-pay job opportunities provided in the kitchen, restaurant, and garden. Email plant2plate.richmond@gmail.com, or message them on Instagram @plant2plateinternprogram to request an online application.

Read more about Plant to Plate: here