Sassy, Grassy Fun

Come learn about land ethics and food choices at the Transhumance Festival.  Photo by Cheryl Koehler


Devote a day to the appreciation of grassland culture at the Transhumance Festival. Transhumance, from the Latin trans (across) and humus (ground) is a seasonal movement of livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures.

Come celebrate the work of shepherds, farmers, and ranchers, and learn about the connections between what we eat and our land, water, and local economies. Arrive at sunup to follow the sheep as they are herded through town to the festival site, then watch a sheep shearing demo later in the day. Enjoy local food tastings, workshops, a marketplace, and lunch prepared by Chef Matt Roberts. Cost: $25 includes breakfast and tastings; free for kids under 12. Lunch: $20. Info: here

Read more about True Grass Farms in our 2016 article on carbon-conscious farming.
Transhumance Festival
Saturday May 11, 7:30am–6pm
Steamer Landing Park
6 Copeland St, near the D St Drawbridge, Petaluma

Photo courtesy Transhumance Festival