Take a Peek at “Hello Stranger”

Visitors to the exhibit “Hello Stranger” can re-enact the experience of sharing lunch with a stranger.
Photos courtesy of Christy Chan.

A few months back, we wrote about “Everybody Eats Lunch,” a local art project that brought strangers together to share a meal, and quite a few of our readers signed up to participate. Now Berkeley’s Kala Art Institute presents “Hello Stranger,” an expansive multimedia installation with 220 posters, each representing a statement by one of the 32 lunch participants. The exhibit is also a simulation of the project itself, turning part of Kala’s gallery space into an ongoing version of the lunch experience. Gallery visitors are invited to enter the installation space and sit down in order to activate a lunch encounter, complete with fake food. In addition, a panel discussion with project participants will take place on Monday June 24, 7pm at the gallery. Info: everybodyeatslunch.com and kala.org
Hello Stranger
On display through Saturday, July 13
Tuesday–Friday, noon–5pm;
Saturday, noon–4:30pm
Kala Gallery
2990 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley