Try Your Hand at Indian Dal and Flatbread

Workshops in making a variety of dals and flatbreads are coming up at Three Stone Hearth.
Photos courtesy of Three Stone Hearth.


Two workshops in the Three Stone Hearth kitchen help you put Indian dishes on your home menu.

In the first, learn to make four delicious regional Indian dals, plus a lentil chutney. Enjoy the chance to work with spices common in Indian cuisine such as asafoetida, Kashmiri chili powder, curry leaves, and mustard seeds. Dal is the common term for the family of dried beans, peas, and lentils used in Indian cooking.
The second workshop focuses on Indian flatbreads, a staple for more than a billion people. Learn to make the all-purpose roti, a simple, round bread made from whole-wheat dough cooked on a dry, hot griddle. Also, prepare paratha, a chewy, flaky bread that can either be enriched with ghee and layered like a croissant, or stuffed with fillings like spicy potatoes, meats, cheese, or vegetables. Participants can sample the foods made in both classes and take home all the recipes shared. Cost: $130 (for both workshops). Info: here
Indian Dal Workshop
Wednesday June 19, 6–7:30pm
Indian Flatbread Workshop
Wednesday June 26, 6–7:30pm)
Three Stone Hearth
1581 University Ave, Berkeley