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Kawaii Sweet World
By Rachel Fong
(Potter, 2019)

Here’s a whole cookbook of perfectly sweet Valentine’s Day baking projects to entertain kids—and even some adults! YouTube phenom, blogger, Stanford University senior, and self-taught baker Rachel Fong began creating charming confections at her home in Piedmont before she was in middle school. Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese, and every one of the 75 recipes is bursting with cute, including miniature chocolate fudge hedgehogs, layered chocolate peanut butter cups with tiny bear faces, colorful rainbow fruit tarts, serious owl-eyed snickerdoodles, ladybug red velvet bites, and little pink pig cream puffs. Most of the recipes can be made with standard baking supplies and ingredients found at local markets, although Fong will tell you it’s always fun to visit Spun Sugar on University Avenue in Berkeley for tools and other decorating essentials.

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