Last Bite


Fellow Artists Honor Margo Rivera-Weiss in Words and Imagery


Artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh depicts Margo Rivera-Weiss in acrylic on canvas as a fighter for good food and good health.

Margo was a friend and supporter of my work, both as a teaching artist and illustrator. Last year I did a project with my first graders based on Margo’s food illustrations in Edible East Bay. They will be sorely and deeply missed.

—Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh

Margo was an amazing artist and an incredible teacher. They influenced me to begin sketching. At first, I was stubborn in saying that I only paint on canvas and don’t enjoy drawing. Well, after Margo’s endless tips and many sketchbook circles, I have now filled seven sketchbooks and have two in process. Margo ignited a lifelong practice I will continue in their honor.

—Mel O.

every time we open a sketchbook and take a pencil in hand: margo
every time we wet the brush and dip it in paint: margo
every time we carve a design into rubber: margo
every time we see her potato trio watercolor in our kitchen: margo
every time we fry up plantains and smash them: margo
margo in our hands
margo in our creative spark
margo in our hearts

—lori rillera and jon hill



In December, artist Janice L-H and East Bay Sketchers joined another Bay Area artist group to honor the memory of Margo Rivera-Weiss by coming together to sketch.