Dine for the Vote


Mix a cocktail with Chef Tanya Holland of Brown Sugar Kitchen as you settle in on October 2, 5:30pm. for this Dine for Democracy and City Arts & Lectures virtual conversation about voter engagement and the critical tools for empowering people to overcome historic voter disenfranchisement. LaTosha Brown, jazz singer and co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund will be in conversation with author and activist Kate Schatz as they talk about voting rights and voter turnout, including how we can register, educate, and inspire voters ahead of the November election.

Tickets are $29 and all ticket income goes to the Dine for Democracy Voting Fund, which aims to use the power of food and community to support the work of critical grassroots voting organizations. They support five grassroots voting organizations (Alliance for Youth Action, Black Voters Matter Fund, Mi Familia Vota, Montana Native Vote, and Woke Vote) led by youth and communities of color working to get-out-the-vote across the country. These groups are working on the ground to register voters, educate voters, and increase voter turnout ahead of November, with a particular focus in battleground states.

Started in advance of the 2018 midterms by a small group of artists, activists, and food-lovers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dine for Democracy is driven by the belief that the right to vote is a fundamental component of a functioning democracy. It sprang from concerns about historic voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression in the United States that has disproportionately affected people of color and led to unequal representation in government.

Dine for Democracy offers a two-step process for dining and donating 1) DINE: order takeout or delivery from participating chefs and restaurants on the First Friday of the month, now until the election. And DONATE to the Dine for Democracy Voting Fund that same day through the website. Think of this donation as an extra ‘tip for democracy!’

Find other ways to participate in Dine For Democracy on their Instagram page, including East Bay local initiatives by Flowerland, Oaktown Spice, Faction Brewing, and more.

Photo above courtesy of City Arts & Lectures and Tanya Holland