Envision an Ecotopian Future


Based on the 1975 blockbuster utopian novel Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach, Ecotopia 2050 is a five-episode speaker series with the first episode serving as an introduction. The zoom series is paired with corresponding book club meetings that give participants a chance to to discuss the book’s themes. Thought leaders including Michael Pollan and Annie Leonard will explore which ideas proposed in Ecotopia  have come true, what remains to do, and what new visions we might use to develop an updated Ecotopian vision. Take part in  a single episode or the full series, with an added option to join the book club. Info: here

Series starts on October 1 and continues for five Thursdays through December 17. 

Cost: The series offers tiered ticket prices from limited income, to membership or general admission for the full series or single episodes.