Plastics on the Farm?


Plastic is ubiquitous in modern agriculture, found in use on both small organic farms and  large conventional ones. Billions of pounds are used worldwide each year, with much of it destined for just one season’s use. Farmers and others in the agricultural community recognize the need for environmentally responsible ways to dispose of these materials. Join a panel of industry professionals for a look at how plastics are used in agriculture, what their end-of-life cycle is, and how to reduce their environmental impact. Free. Info and registration: here

Plasticulture / A Deep Dive into the use of Plastics in Agriculture
by Open Farm Tours
Saturday October 3, 2–3:30    

A field prepared for growing strawberries, with raised rows covered with white plastic. Oxnard area, California, USA. (Photo by Downtowngal from CC-BY-SA-3.0.)