Take Your Seat at the Table 

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research collaborates with esteemed chefs, restaurateurs, cookbook authors, scholars, and writers for a seven-week educational course, A Seat at the Table: A Journey Into Jewish Food. Join in on your own schedule, and hear from cultural visionaries including Joan Nathan (Jewish Cooking In America), Michael W. Twitty (The Cooking Gene), Michael Wex (Born to Kvetch), and many more. Jewish cuisine is both steeped in tradition and enriched by  the evolving flavors and ingredients of a group in migration across Eastern Europe and the Americas and ultimately to New York City. Learn from experts about the staples of Jewish food, sourcing of ingredients, influence of South America on over 2,000 types of moles (served with latkes), the rise in  popularity of bagels, emergence of Jewish restaurateurs, evolution of Jewish delicatessens and cafes, cross-culturalization within immigrant groups on the Lower East Side (Jews, Chinese, Japanese), vegetarianism, and much more. Free. Register by December 31. Info and registration: here

Photo courtesy of YIVO Institute for Jewish Research