DIY Olive Oil?


Making your own olive oil is not a simple DIY, but if you have a tree loaded with olives, you might want to check out Community Milling Day at Il Fiorello in Fairfield. Healthy olives of all sizes and types are welcome, and no amount is too small. Once your olives are weighed and milled, you’ll receive a unique blend of oil equal to the percentage weight of your olives to the total milling run. Cost: .75/pound of olives; container cost is $5 for 1-gallon size, $20 for 5-gallon size. Brunch is available to go or on a covered heated patio, 9am–2pm. Call to reserve. Menu is a breakfast burrito (steak or chicken and chorizo), a side of potato hash, a dessert pastry, and coffee. Cost: $20. Info: here

Due to Covid-19, social distancing procedures are in place. Please call 707.864.1529 or email for your delivery window.

Bring your olives on Sunday November 22, 9am–noon

Il Fiorello’s Community Milling Day
2625 Mankas Corner Rd, Fairfield

Photo courtesy of Il Fiorello


Try Amy Murray’s Olive Oil Crackers

Photo by Karen Yencich