Make Your At-Home Holiday Weekend a DIY Fest


Gifts For the Season is our new e-book made from an article we first published in 2012. It includes recipes for culinary spice mixes and handmade dog biscuits, plus artistic labels you can print.

Also from our archives are numerous fun DIY gifts from Anna Beauchemin of East Bay Herbals, who shows how to make soothing and immunity-boosting items like fire cider and finishing salts, plus a seed packet for a pollinator-friendly garden. She’s also created recipes for hot holiday beverages that you can mix and package up as gifts or just use to soothe yourself as you work. All include original packaging art you can print.

Beeswax is a sustainable local product with many uses. Acupuncturist Dashel Moore shows how to make Rose & Laurel Lip Gloss and Beeswax Body Butter.