Month-by-Month Seasonal Posters


You’ll want to frame and hang these seasonal posters made by architects and graphic designers Meghan Dorrian and Brian Friel. The duo, who run the architectural firm Young America Creative, started making posters in 2012 following a good-natured argument about when citrus was in season. They realized that even though they’d both grown up in the agricultural town of Watsonville, they didn’t have a good grasp of local seasonality.

The design-minded pair have created posters of fruits and vegetables, seafood and shellfish, wildflowers, and North Pacific whales. Made in Berkeley, the posters are printed using a foil-pressed process, a method that uses no ink. Holiday greeting cards with images of poppies, pomegranates, and a humpback whale and calf are also available. Use the code HOHO for a 25% discount. Info: here