Get the Scoop on Kamala Blossom


East Bay–based Koolfi Creamery honors Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with a new, velvety-smooth, rose-pink ice cream flavor. Made with lotus seeds, rose water, and a sprinkle of pistachio nuts, Kamala Blossom celebrates our first Black, first Indian-American, and first woman elected as vice president of the United States. The name “Kamala” means “pink lotus” in Sanskrit.

Priti Rama Narayanan, Koolfi Creamery’s “chief ice cream engineer,” explains some of the inspiration behind the flavor:  “My dad would tell me stories of summers spent swimming in his village pond in South India and plucking delicious fresh lotus seeds to snack on. Indians celebrate any happy occasion with dessert or mithai. My dad’s fun stories inspired me to create this uniquely Indian mithai to celebrate the success of one of our own!”

You can order the special Kamala Blossom flavor online (four-pint minimum for delivery) or purchase some at these locations.

Photos courtesy of Koolfi Creamery.