Drink Like a Finn at Home in Your Underwear


A certain locally famous Berkeley bear has joined in with the #pantsdrunk campaign to raise funds for the James Beard Foundation, and you can, too. @jimmybearberkeley likes the foundation’s “Open for Good” charity to help bartenders and restaurants.

Pantsdrunk (or kalsarikännit) is the art of relaxing at home in your underwear and enjoying a long drink with no intention of going out.

To take part (ages 21 and over), take a photo of yourself having a Long Drink while in your underwear and post it on Instagram or Facebook. (Look here for some inspiration.) Be sure to tag @LongDrink on Instagram or Facebook, using hashtag #pantsdrunk.

The campaign’s host, The Finnish Long Drink company, makes a spirited citrus soda.  They will donate $50 for every grid or static social media post (a post that will live on the participants feed), and $20 for every story post (a post that is disappearing eventually). The Long Drink team will monitor all social media engagement during the campaign to keep track of the tally. All funds raised through February 28, 2021, by The Long Drink will be donated to the James Beard Foundation, up to $250,000.