What’s at Your Farmers’ Market This Week

Ruth Stroup loves Point Reyes Farmstead Creamery’s Quinta for a quick meal or entertaining, and often roasts romanesco for a healthy veggie at dinner.


Meet Ruth Stroup the Insurance Lady at the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market on Saturday, May 8, 9am–2pm for the Great Big Bag Giveaway. These “Greetings from Oakland” shopping bags are seriously awesome! Large capacity. Super sturdy, fun, and colorful. Sporting Oakland Love!

We asked Ruth what she’ll bring home in her own market bag this week and how she plans to enjoy them.

“In the spring, I love Romanesco—it’s so pretty! I make a simple veggie roast by breaking down the Romanesco into smaller pieces, tossing them in a bit of olive oil and spices, and baking (or air frying) at high heat. Romanesco is a great appetizer with a zippy dipping sauce, a fantastic side for grilled meats, and you can even grill it like a steak for a great vegan entrée.

“I also love the Point Reyes Quinta. It’s a soft ripening cheese that’s made in the style of Vacherin. This is a great no-cooking meal or snack to share with a friend!”

Why do you care about your local farmers’ market? 

“I’ve been an insurance and financial professional for the past 25 years, so many people don’t know that I’m a professionally trained chef and spent a decade pursuing a culinary career. In all of my endeavors, the quality of the people, process, and products has been important to me. Farmers’ markets bring us the freshest seasonal ingredients, and the Grand Lake market has such a variety of unique and interesting foods that it’s always an adventure. I also love seeing my friends and neighbors at the market. It’s a great community event!”

Words of wisdom on food and life?

“My food philosophy is not to wait for a special event to serve something special. When you share your favorite dishes—whether humble or haute cuisine—with friends and family, the meal becomes the special event, so use your best dishes, drink the good wine, and appreciate the moment. If we learned anything in this pandemic year, it’s that life is precious. Make the most of every day.”

Ruth Stroup
Farmers Insurance
3560 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA
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