Drought Proof Your Garden

Photos courtesy of Alameda County Clean Water Program


When drought conditions persist for long periods of time, it can significantly impact plant health in a number of ways. Lack of water limits a plant’s ability to produce food, and stressed plants are more prone to attract pests. Excessive heat can also accelerate the reproduction time of pests. But there are simple garden management strategies that can keep your garden gorgeous and healthy during dry times.

Join Suzanne Bontempo and Charlotte Canner from Our Water Our World as they share water-wise gardening techniques in a free webinar. You will learn how to:

  • manage your garden during drought conditions
  • water efficiently and effectively
  • improve soil to hold more water
  • utilize alternative water resources
  • reduce summer pests

Drought Proof Your Garden
July 8, 4–5pm
Cost: Free
To register, visit here

This gardening webinar is part of a series sponsored by the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program, working to protect creeks, wetlands, and the Bay. To hear about future webinars , sign up for Clean Water News at cleanwaterprogram.org