What’s a Step Beyond Organics? Biodynamics!

Willow Summer at her farm in Sonoma County. (Photos courtesy of Three Springs Community Farm)


Longtime readers of Edible East Bay may remember Willow Summer, founder of West Oakland’s City Slicker Farm and a leader with many other Bay Area urban farming projects. She grew up gardening with her dad in West Sonoma County, and returned there to farm with her husband Lew at their Three Springs Community Farm, where they follow the principles of agriculture defined by Rudolf Steiner, founder of the biodynamics movement.

In this Bay Area Green Tours Solutionaries Speak Zoom event, Willow talks with moderator Anne Freiwald of Vital Cycles about how the biodynamic approach differs from other forms of ecologically focused agriculture. She’ll discuss the patterns and practices that define biodynamics and the social and economic theories and practices inherent in the approach, including associative economics and community-supported agriculture (CSA). She’ll also touch on how spirituality can shape our interactions with the natural world and the food we grow.

Biodynamics: Beyond Organic with Willow Summer
Thursday July 15, noon–1pm on Zoom
Cost: Free.
Info and registration: here