Summer Fruit Tree Pruning with John Valenzuela

Photo courtesy of Biofuel Oasis Cooperative


Biofuel Oasis Cooperative hosts leading local horticultural expert John Valenzuela on Saturday, August 28, 1–4pm at the Bancroft Community Garden in Berkeley for a hands-on best-practices class on fruit tree pruning.

Winter-only pruning encourages trees to respond with excessive growth, while summer pruning and training maintains an accessible height, and better fruiting, with less disease, getting us out of that winter-only pruning rut. We will cover which trees do best with summer pruning (or year-round pruning), types of pruning cuts, disease, equipment, and any questions attendees will have. This is a hands-on class, and participants will have an opportunity to make some cuts with instructor supervision, in addition to getting tips on cleaning and sharpening the tools you bring. Bring your own pruning shears or loppers.

Instructor: John Valenzuela is a horticulturist, consultant, and permaculture educator with Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens. His special interests are rare and heirloom fruit trees, home gardens, plant propagation, food forests, agroforestry, ethnobotany, and native ecosystems. John serves on the boards of the California Rare Fruit Growers and the Felix Gillet Institute.

Summer Fruit Tree Pruning with John Valenzuela
Saturday, August 28, 1–4pm
Bancroft Community Garden, 1308 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Cost: $40
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