Can you guess which Tri-Valley restaurant inspired a trilingual pun?


According to our Tri-Valley–based friends, there’s one place to go if you want the sine qua naan (best naan ever).

It’s Livermore’s Sansar Indian Cuisine.

“We also really like the food at Ashoka in Pleasanton, a little hole in the wall place. When we’re jonesing for high-end Chinese, it’s going to be Andy and Yu’s in Pleasanton,” says Ms. A.

These friends are from the burbs of NYC, so their touchstone is whether the food evokes heartbreaking nostalgia for home.

“Amici’s is probably the closest thing to real New York pizza I have had on this coast,” adds Ms. A. “The tomato sauce tastes authentic East Coast. Some creative combos as well. Love their Siciliano.”

What’s your go-to restaurant in the Tri-Valley for Restaurant Week (February 18–February 27)? Check out your many options here and let us know what you like and why.