Can We Solve the Plastics Problem?

Photo courtesy of AMBR


In two new reports, the Alliance of Mission Based Recyclers (AMBR) firmly opposes “chemical recycling” policies and pending legislation in several states. Chemical recycling technologies use heat, chemical reactions, or both to break down used plastics into raw materials for new plastic, fuel, or other chemicals.

Martin Bourque, AMBR founder and director of the Ecology Center, warns, “There’s nothing ‘advanced’ about burning plastics for energy or fuel. Plastics-to-fuel technologies are overhyped, overpriced plastic-burning schemes that only enable the production of more harmful plastic packaging and increase our dependence on oil and gas.”

The reports describe chemical recycling as a dangerous distraction from the needed work of creating policies to address the plastic pollution crisis and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for plastics. AMBR also urges local communities to reject the development of plastics-to-fuel facilities. The full reports are available here: “Chemical Recycling” Will Not Solve Our Plastics Problem