Get Academic with Your Local Food Interests

Explore the Bay Area food culture at its roots in this four-month-long Merritt College course.


Explore your local community through the lens of food and agriculture and take a deep dive into the social issues surrounding agriculture, such as food sovereignty, accessibility, and justice at this Merritt College course, which runs August 22 through December 17, 2022 at the campus in Oakland. Learn more about cultural and traditional foods and how regenerative agriculture can help heal our planet.

Called “Bay Area Food Culture,” this course studies the food systems and cultures that are unique to our local neighborhoods. The program includes field trips to local farms and restaurants and teaches students to grow cultural food crops from seed at the Environmental Center garden on campus.

Bay Area Food Culture: an accredited course for anybody
Merritt College
12500 Campus Dr, Oakland
Mondays 9-10:50 (Lecture), Wednesdays 9-11:50 (Lab), August 22- December 17, 2022
For more information, check out the program online or contact Professor Elizabeth Boegel at

Photos courtesy of Merritt College.